Sraddha Pavia

What brought you to the practice of yoga and eventually to teach yoga?

At a time when my soul and spirit were ill I was offered a 2-hour private outdoor yoga session and an hour philosophy of yoga conversation that spurred on a wild dream from which I would never turn back. I came to the practice of yoga with the deep desire to connect – with my Self, others and to feel closer to the divine essence of the universe. The complete surrender into the current of connection of my experience with yoga as a way of life provoked an ever-clarifying understanding of many facets of the microcosm as the macrocosm and brought on extreme healing. The spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental and physical transformations that I felt from my practice and the teachings quickly inspired me to step into training after training after training to share the limitless well of love and acceptance that I found in the practice on and off the mat.


Describe the style of yoga you teach…

Mystic Flow is a conscious engaging of the connection of body, breath, movement and mind as a way to be more aware of the true divine nature of the self. When we align deeply with ourselves on multiple levels, we become mindful of the subtle yet expansive beautiful concepts the universe is full of.

 “Tune IN” Meditation is a contemplative playground for consciousness exploration and energy regeneration. Sound is an active tool seen in a few forms for deep healing. Ommmm

 Who are your primary teachers?

My primary teachers are Natalie Donnellon and Sarah Davidson Flanders, Shannon Paige and Nancy Kate Williams, Sreedevi Bringi, Katherine Austin, Nicole Weinholt, and the teacher within my heart.

Who are your greatest life influences?

My teachers and all the friends and family I choose to surround myself by – diving to the depths of their souls and integrating their heights into reality!


What was your greatest “on the mat” AHA moment?

My greatest “on the mat” AHA moment is every time that my body begins to move into a new optimal patterning as my practice evolves and I feel the discomfort and restablization of how my mind reacts to the each-time-newly-unfamiliar balance and engagement of components of my body that I always have the pleasure of learning.