yoga at om time

introduction to yoga at om time!

… and… Welcome to our öm time yoga community!

Located in the heart of downtown Boulder, just off of the historic Pearl Street Mall, at the base of the gorgeous flatirons and foothills, om time is delighted to boast several of the regions most skilled and sought after teachers in the region.  In their hands you can either feel free to initiate a new yoga practice or continue to evolve the one you have.

We offer several styles of yoga and several levels of challenge and skill development, in addition to regular workshops, trainings, and visiting “yoga professors!”

What to expect at an om time yoga class!

Each class and each instrutor is unique, however, there is a certain broad based yoga class protocol.  You will be greeted with a smile and told your options for attending the class, drop in rates, punch card opportunities, etc.

1.  We recommend that you arrive about 10-15 minutes early to register, kick your shoes off, hit the bathroom and settle in, so as not to feel rushed and to have ample time to connect with the amazing beings who will be joining you in class.

2.  Once checked in, enter the studio without shoes (you may carry them to the coat room at the back of the space) set up your mat, collect any props (blocks, blankets, straps or pillows) and feel free to peruse our library of loaner yoga books, ask questions, adn chat as you wait for class to begin.

3.  We strive to honor the container of your time and will make every effort to begin and end classes on time.

4.  Most teachers start with a beginning centering to prepare you mentally for the practice and to set the tone of the class.

5.  Your teacher will give the class general instructions about a pose, and they may also give you individual instructions to enhance your practice. They may even physically adjust your body while you are in the pose, to help you better understand the actions and movements of the pose. If you would prefer to not be touched, please, do not hesitate to let your instructor know.  Your comfort is our deepest dedication.  The class usually ends with a brief period of relaxation or meditation.

6.  In many cases, you may experience some muscles soreness or light fatigue after class, rightly so, you are probably moving your body in ways that it is not used to and your central nervous system is recalibrating your newly found strength.

Which Style of Yoga is Right for You?????

Yoga Class Descriptions

öm time offers a plethora of yoga styles to the community. Browse the yoga class description page and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Finding your level

If you are just n yoga or starting again after a period of time we advise that you start with our Brand New Beginners Series, a Level 1 class, a Level 1/2 class, or a private lesson with one of our instructors.

The Level 1,2,3 Classes, or All Levels Classes will include students of all levels of experience and intermediate postures and variations of postures may be introduced.  You are welcome, of course, in All Levels Classes, simply practice with your full presence and participation and be motivated and inspired by the fantastic shapes and skill you may see around you, rather than intimidated on any level.

There are thousands of different yoga poses, each carrying a specific benefit to the body. It is important therefore, as a beginner student, to be comfortable with the beginner poses. Level 1 classes help the beginner connect the poses in sequences that create larger benefits to the body and introduce the student to the use of the breath in moving in and out of poses.

Then, when you’ve gained confidence and comfort in the basic poses, it’s time to move to more challenging levels. If you have a solid understanding of the sun salutes, standing poses, basic backbends and inversions, you’re ready for a Level 2 or 3 class.

Click here for more information about Class levels.

Tips to help you enjoy your yoga practice

If you are totally new to öm time or to a particular class, arrive a few moments early to register and to introduce yourself to the teacher. We are always happy to welcome new students! We want to meet you, know your name, your concerns about class and what your goals for practicing yoga may be!

It is very important to share with your yoga teacher any pre-existing medical conditions you may have. Conditions such as recent surgery, or recent injury, any chronic aches or pains you might have, pregnancy, muscular or skeletal injuries or alignment issues, etc. Most Yoga Teachers are NOT DOCTORS and do not dispense medical advice, but they can modify poses to accomodate most conditions and to assist with the healing process. Please speak with your physician if you have any concerns about practicing yoga BEFORE you begin coming to public classes.

Yoga is best practiced on a fairly empty stomach. It is recommended to allow 2 hours after a big meal and about 30 minutes after a snack before you practice.

Wear non-restrictive, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Classes are all barefoot.

Be kind and loving to yourself by accepting where you are.  Rest sometimes. Do what you can, with what you have, and with where you are.  Listen to your body, pushing yourself beyond comfort and pain is not part of any practice.

Abandon the competitive mind-set.  Yoga is absolutely non-competitive. Yoga is a mindful practice which makes the body stronger, more flexible, and generally healthier. The aim is to calm the mind, open the heart, and accelerate our evolution as a whole. Have fun and celebrate where you are in the present moment!

If something hurts, or you don’t “get it” ask your instructor for better clarification.

Drink plenty of water after practice.

Enjoy yourself!

General Yoga Etiquette

1.  Please arrive early for class, at least 10 – 15 minutes to give yourself time to register, settle in, connect with the teacher, and use the restroom.. This also gives you time to introduce yourself to other students and become comfortable in the room.

2.  If you are late, please wait until the opening meditation has completed and then please join class quietly. Please do not enter or leave a studio when the class is centering, in savasana or in meditation. Let your teacher know if you have to leave class early.

3.  PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELLPHONE! (This includes the vibration feature) Or better yet, leave it in your car or at home!

4.  We are comfortable with your wearing whatever you are comfortable wearing. The best clothing for yoga is that which moves with you, does not distract you, and offers the instructor a clear view of your body to check for alignment.

5.  Before entering the studio, please remove your shoes and place them in the appropriate location. This helps keep the studio extra clean and is also a symbolic gesture of your intention to be fully present and mindful during your practice.

6.  Please, no perfume, oils, or fragrant lotions.  On the flip side, please, maintain general personal cleanliness, as intense body odor from any of us can certainly be a challenge to another’s state of experience.

7.  We have regularly cleaned studio mats available; however, we recommend that you have your own as soon as possible.

8.  If a student arrives late, be gracious and make room.

9.  Practice within your bounds and follow the teacher’s instructions.  The teachers of om time leverage specific embodied skills and postures to stage more complicated poses and sequences later on in the practice, deviating from his or her instruction, might mean that you are missing a critical action you will need later.  Practicing on your own, in your own space is an excellent time to explore and weave in alternative postures and variations.

10.  Child’s pose and resting is ALWAYS available to you.  Please, use your time with us as a space of radical self empowerment and self care.  Practicing within your limits certainly means taking a break when you feel the inspiration to do so.

We look forward to welcoming you to our classes and our community!

Ommmmmmm Love!