om time class descriptions

om time yoga class descriptions…

öm time yoga studios are the PERFECT place to begin or nurture a yoga practice with several of the regions most sought-after, experienced, and well-trained instructors. Experience over 150 years of teaching experience on ONE schedule!

Our studio promotes the practice of yoga, both physically and spiritually, in a fun and comfortable environment. All of our teachers are here to assist you and will always emphasize the connection between your physical practice and your inner wisdom and spirit.

Join us and discover that it is impossible to do a physical asana practice without reaping much deeper, more profound benefits…

öm time yoga studios have been voted the Denver and Boulder’s Readers’ Choice, the favorite yoga center since 2003, by the Boulder Weekly and has been featured in the Denver Post, 5280 Magazine, Huffington Post, and The Boulder Daily Camera. It is the love the students share for the place they co-create with the incredible teaching staff that grants it the vibration of being a local favorite.

öm time yoga studio…

…is the place to launch yourself into a practice of self-cultivated strength, grace, curiosity, and well-being.
… is the place to find yourself evolving into an ever deepening expression of the person you most want to be.
…is the place to feel safe, able, and ready… to BE… YOU.

Scroll Down for some of the different styles of yoga that öm time offers…

om flow This integrative Vinyasa style marries the skill and strength of an alignment based practice with the spirit of vinyasa flow.  Classes are taught in a progression of key actions and movement patterns towards peak asana and are often taught to inspiring soundtracks and leave the practitioner with a bright glow to the skin! The classes are perfect for those who like to both find and lose themselves in the context of evolving their self-awareness on the mat!  The Boulder Daily Camera has this to say about our OM Flow!

om foundations Designed for all levels of practitioners, seasoned yogis & yoginis as well as brand new beginners. The pace is slower than a vinyasa class to give students time to embody their alignment in the postures. Each class is either based around a specific level 1 “peak posture,” learning the foundations and key actions needed to engage that pose, or the class will be focused on a certain family of asanas. This class is a great opportunity to refine your practice or begin your yoga practice with a solid foundation!!

om align and Flow and Foundations These sessions are dedicated to a slower vision of steeping the body in space, time, form and aligned gestures of integrative strength. From the cultivation of an amazing foundation, a practice, a body, and self-awareness can step into a lifelong connection. Perfect for anyone seeking a practice dedicated to spending longer amounts of time in postures, marinating in the richness of time developing strength and flexibility. From magnificent foundations, find expressive freedom!

Foundations of Flow A practice dedicated to the cultivation of foundational steadiness and bodily awareness that can be poured into expressive movement patterns on the mat. The aim of balancing such skill in action opens the body in a safe integrative manner with evolutionary, fluid movement and grace. Perfect for those who desire a slower flow, more foundational awareness woven into a flow, and a heightened awareness of how to build fluidity on steadiness and stability.

Conscious Flow blends deeply integrated alignment principles with fluid vinyasa, creating a practice full of intention and sustainability. When we embody our yoga practice in this manner we create a deep awareness of body, mind & spirit using the tools that we cultivate on the mat to support our life off the mat. So join us as we explore ourselves in the flow, re-aligning to our highest intentions to manifest our dreams!

Raise Your Vibration An awesOMe way to begin your weekend!! Step on your mat for 60 minutes and raise your vibration!! This will be a guided level 2/3 vinyasa practice, meaning the teacher will be on the mat practicing with you and there will be little instruction. Each class will have an evolutionary sequence moving towards an intermediate to advanced peak posture set to the tune of a super fun playlist. This is not your typical vinyasa class, so come ready to move and be moved by the fun vibrations!!

The PRACTICE Join Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate Williams, and Rob Loud  teach a practice of energetic, fluid, expressive pulsations of key actions and movement patterns towards evolutionary sequences and embodied explorations of inspiration ad possibility.  This guided practice will serve the teaching community and those with a deep or deepening conversation of yoga on the mat.  The practice will explore a variety of postural families through the invocation and call of krama vinyasa, stages of evolution.  Learn how to serve yourself on and off the mat with inspired sequences through fluid backbends, integrative arm balances and powerful forward bends and twists.  At the end of our time together each week, when you meet yourself in the heart, may you remember the reverberation of the shakti love bomb that explodes you into remembrance and showers you with possibility in every moment.

Anusara Yoga literally means, “stepping in to the flow of grace.” By opening up to the possibility that one can do and be anything, one can experience the beauty of the world – one just needs to step into the flow! Based on the universal principles of alignment, as created by Anusara’s founder, John Friend, the practice offers structural awareness and heart-centered movement. Om time is host to 6 certified Anusara instructors and 5 Anusara Inspired teachers. This high concentration of certified teachers grants om time yoga a strong a learning and transformative environment.

Prana Flow Vinyasa is a transformation, dynamic, creative full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga. This style was founded and cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana – the universal source of breath, life energy and conscious intelligence – as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, and Bhakti. Classes are taught to upbeat music and inspired poetry.

Hearts and Hips is a celebratory class. It is wildly popular and regarded as the biggest party of the week! The classes are taught by several of our most beloved yoga instructors who love to explore the play of back-bending and hip opening. What a great way to meet people in the Yoga community – COME PRACTICE together!!!!

Jivamukti Yoga is a vinyasa style of yoga, developed by Sharon Gannon and David Life. It is emphasized in these classes that the goal of enlightenment is attainable through right action and practice. This method uses physical posturing (asana) as a means to deeper understanding of meditation, spirituality, devotion (bhakti), non-harming (ahimsa), and the yoga of sound (Nada Yoga). A spiritual lecture and call and response chanting begin every class.

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue, such as the ligaments, bones and joints of the body, generally of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. The poses are held passively anywhere from 3-8 minutes, mostly floor asana, and allow for longevity health for connective tissue and joints and expanding space in the mind and body. We also work with specific meridians of the body positively affecting organ health. The class is deeply meditative and offers the opportunity to listen to your soul, play appropriate edges and quiet the mind. A perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga. The class can be quite challenging and offers a unique experience not to be missed!

 Om Flow and Meditation This class engages a thoughtful progression from simple to complex to arrive in a peak state prepared to learn meditation techniques and steep oneself in the avenues of calm radiance and receptivity. Expect to leave feeling OMazing…. 

Anjali Restorative Yoga was created by om time yoga’s founder, Shannon Paige Schneider in 2004. Anjali Restorative Yoga is a deeply restful practice where the practitioner is guided through a series of meditations and thoughtful visualizations while the body is held and supported by bolsters, pillows, and blankets. By resting deeply, the body engages its natural ability to heal and rest. The effect is profoundly nurturing, thoughtful, and balancing.

Bhava Vinyasa ( Flow and Restore)This practice space is dedicated to deep and integrative healing. Enjoy a pervasive and progressive all levels flow in the method of Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga towards an Anjali Restorative evolution to nourish and renew you at an inspiring level.

Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Weekly sessions retrain you brain and body to be able to center, find ease and calm. As it is widely believed that our thoughts create our reality, this sweet meditation space offers the fine-tuning necessary to turn the mind from busy-ness to peace, so that thoughts of gentleness and helaing pervade the day-to-day.