200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – The Root of Teaching Yoga, within Tillai University at OM TIME

Fall and Winter 2013 – 2014


 Yoga Teacher Training Program

200 / 500 Hour Programs are Registered with the Yoga Alliance

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Applications are NOW being accepted!  Join Shannon Paige, Gina Caputo, Nancy Kate Williams-Rau, Nichole Golden, and special guests for this incredible journey into the richest parts of yourself! This program is widely regarded as one of the top in the country, preparing teachers to teach in a mindful progression, integrative and well-aligned vinyasa yoga, with a heart-centered theme. Students are ignited to teach with meaning and method in the direction of their highest offering, light, and skill.


Om Time 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Tillai with Shannon Paige, Gina Caputo, Nancy Kate Williams,  Nichole Golden and Special Guests


JUST ANNOUNCED – Fall and Winter Shri-tensive – Tillai Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hours!
Accomplish Your Goal of Learning to TEACH YOGA This Fall and Winter  in this integrative and supportive environment.  We will strive to support your journey of learning to bring your passion forward, your love of yoga into active inspiration for OTHERS!  JOIN US!
October 23 – 27
October 30 – November 3
November 20 – 24
December 18 – 22
January 15 – 19
February 5 – 9

This six week intensive, spread across October 2013 to February 2014 will offer intensive learning periods supported by space between the weeks to integrate the teachings and practice your developing skill set.   To steer and support the process, we will gather some of the most beloved teachers of the front range to prepare you to teach a well-aligned, creatively focused OM FLOW.  This mindful progression style of teaching yoga will hold the facets of understanding how to sequence an all levels yoga class towards a peak asana, developing the class skill set from simple to complex, in deep connection to teaching to what you actually see the entire time.  A hallmark of this style is also carrying through a thoughtful theme, or heart based connection, making this a full spectrum experience from body, to breath, to heart.

This intensive will gather beginning on WEDNESDAY, October 23, 2013 at 5:00p

We will weave together a powerful, transformative and thoughtful program with this schedule:

Wednesdays:  5 – 9p

Thursdays:  5 – 9p

Fridays:  5 – 9p

Saturdays:  9a – 6p

Sundays:  9a – 6p

Investment is $2408 for the Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

The SUPER Early Bird is $1795 if registered in Full BEFORE September 1, 2013!!!!

The Early Bird is $2108 if registered in FULL Before October 1, 2013!

Payment Plans are available.

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 About Our Program…

Tillai University is a well-respected 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training that exceeds all current industry standards. Registered with Yoga Alliance, it is a training for those passionate, creative and inspired beings who crave the depths of Yoga.  Each meeting will be a focused intensive including practice, lecture, exploration and community. There will be ample time for discussion and much more time for study. We strongly believe that “you are the company you keep,” therefore, we will be keeping great company together learning, laughing and exploring. The faculty includes Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate Williams-Rau, Gina Caputo and guest presenters in their areas of specialty:  anatomy, Sanskrit, and psychology.

 Tillai University is an unconventional, in-depth, transformational community training for those who want to authentically deepen their sadhana and for those looking for a powerful introduction to the path of teaching Yoga. Evolving out of the confluence of the delightful practices of yogic tradition, philosophy, history, breathwork, bodywork, asana and meditation, Tillai University provides a perfect setting to develop the Yogic Heart, one devoted to life, to supporting love and becoming a humble servant of change through Yoga.

Prasarita Wide

Appropriate for all levels of soul warriors, heart acrobats and scholars of life’s juiciness. This is the place for us to spread our toes, open our hearts, serve life and swing from the tree of tradition and practice. You will learn the art and science of practicing yoga to serve your deepest heart, to teach yoga to serve the heart of the world.

  • You will learn about the sources and roots of Yoga, learning how to engage Yoga’s ancient teachings and texts including: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, Vijnana Bhairava, and the Upanishads, texts far beyond the standard Yoga Teacher Training. Tillai University’s unique method of training includes a rich tradition of inquiry, contemplation, exploration and fun. Join us in discovering the layers of the Tantric Mind and Intrinsic Goodness as well as developing our Inner Teacher in a safe, supported, communal way.
  • You will learn how to build and teach amazing and inspirational Vinyasa yoga classes, and build the confidence and steadfastness in your practice to playfully discover your own voice and skills. We will delight in the rhythms of our practice, looking at the integrative perspectives of Energetic Alignment and the Prana Flow (R) aspects of sequential unfolding and flow, truly an evolutionary flow.  We do not teach a set sequence for practice, rather we offer a sound structure and method of sequencing from simple to complex.  Along with the practice of systematically building classes which open your students up to the powerful winds of grace, you’ll learn how to align their bodies, minds and hearts, how to create powerful shifts while delighting in the process of change.
  • In depth instruction in Anatomy and Physiology of a Yogin, Philosophy, Developing a Meditation Practice You Love, Creating Practices with Deep Meaning, Articulation and Subtlety, Leadership, all the while, diving into your own vast heart to hear it’s wisdom and to gain the courage to let it guide you.
  • A hallmark of our training is the mentorship program.  You will be assigned a mentor to work with and create a bond with during the program. Your mentor will assist you in grasping and embodying key concepts, clarifying goals and identifying and working with trouble spots throughout the training. Your mentor will provide a sounding board, assist you with staying abreast of homework and help you stay in the flow as necessary.
  • In addition, with your registration you will receive a class card to be used at om time, access to a Living Teacher Training Manual, Embodied Poetics, a required reading list, and a list of recommended essentials.


Program Investment Options:

Investment is $2408 for the Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

The SUPER Early Bird is $1795 if registered in Full BEFORE September 1, 2013!!!!

The Early Bird is $2108 if registered in FULL Before October 1, 2013!

Payment Plans are available as an auto debit for 3 or 6 month plans with a $500 deposit

There will be ample breaks for meals and micro-rejuvenation retreats, as well as mentor meetings and teaching practicums. However, we suggest strongly that you arrange to unplug over these weekends and give them to yourself as a gift… spend as much time in the immersion of your studies and embodiment of the teachings as possible… Once accepted into the program, a book list is extended. We encourage you to get reading and working on the executive summaries of the texts prior to the training! Engage the practice of teaching an alignment based vinyasa yoga, om flow.

This program leverages the The Roots of Teaching Yoga, an inspirational, foundational teacher training program to inspire yourself into the forest of learning that is a lifetime of yoga. What is the Tillai? The Tillai Tree Forest stands as a reminder of this great myth of consciousness, humanity and the beginnings, evolutions and adaptations of the great teachings of yoga.


What is “Tillai”?

The Tillai Tree Forest stands as a reminder of this great myth of consciousness, humanity and the beginnings, evolutions and adaptations of the great teachings of yoga.

As a reminder, the story begins…. A warm breeze swept through the Tillai Forest floor, disturbing the dried, fallen leaves and wet mosses making their home on the forest floor. It twists and turns as if winding its way with determination, deep into the heart the forest. Here underneath the green canopy of Tillai trees with dapples of light piercing through the endless, finger-like leaves, near the now temple-city Cidumbarum, the great Lord of the Dance bent and wound his way into the famous image. This glimmering icon frozen in time, known as Shiva Nataraj, embodying the fundamental principles of the Universe, has been commemorated for centuries. Like the breeze, we will wind our way into the temple of our heart and caress the dance of our own divinity within.