500 hour – Reach

Reach… 500 Hour.

Our comprehensive 500 hour program is a combination of our Tillai program and our Rising 300 hour program to inspire a student into a full conversation with personal gifts and talents in the vast world of yoga and yoga teaching.

True sustainability of heart, mind, body, and inspiration on a yoga practicing and yoga teaching path comes from artful self-reflection, full participation, and an education that allows one’s niche to emerge. Making one an expert in one’s branch of: yoga, yoga lifestyle coaching, yoga therapy, teaching to special populations, and yoga teacher development; allows one to develop a true relationship to one’s career and placement in a vastly expanding yoga universe. The right tools, the right reflections, the right training encourages one to carve authentic experience from which one can authentically shine forward with absolute confidence and integrity.

Our electives drive and differentiate our 300 and 500 hour programs and our graduates. We are stepping beyond educating sound yoga teaching skills and instead find our passion in anchoring the yoga leaders of tomorrow in real time, evolutionary skills, today!