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Teacher Development

An evolutionary education in the art and science of yoga and the yoga minded lifestyle drives our inspiration for om time’s University atmosphere.

Whether or not you ever intend on teaching yoga professionally or simply wish to explore a deepened relationship with your practice in a supportive and expansive community, om time University offers a vast array of programs and “degrees of attention” to meet you in your interests, heart, mind, and body!


Tillai, om time’s, 200 hour Teacher Training!

Spring / Summer 2013 IMMERSION Program!


Applications are NOW being accepted for our Winter/Spring 2013 program starting April 2013. Join Shannon Paige, Gina Caputo, Nichole Golden, and special guests such as Ann Bortz, Cori Fratelli, and Tali Koziol for this incredible journey into the richest parts of yourself! From that Journey… step into the offering!

Offer yourself in the transformational form of TEACHER! Your life is calling… are you ready to ANSWER that call! This program is widely regarded as one of the top in the country, preparing teachers to teach in a mindful progression, integrative and well-aligned vinyasa yoga, with a heart-centered theme. Students are ignited to teach with meaning and method in the direction of their highest offering, light, and skill

Exceeding all current industry standards, dedicated to excellence, and registered with Yoga Alliance and Taught in a progressive format by Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate Williams, and Special Guests!!

$2408, (12 and 6 month payment plans available – making payments as low as $159 per month, after making your $500 deposit). EARLY BIRD IS $1895 if paid BEFORE April 1, 2013!!!





April 18 – 21

April 25 – 28

May 16 – 19

May 23 – 26

June 20 – 23

June 27 – 30

We meet in an INTENSIVE WEEKEND FORMAT:  Thursdays 5 – 9, Fridays 4 – 9, Saturdays 9 – 8, and Sundays 9 – 7, with Bhakti and Inspiration Breaks!!!  Engage the practice of teaching an alignment based vinyasa yoga, om flow.

There will be ample breaks for meals and micro-rejuvenation retreats, as well as mentor meetings and teaching practicums. However, we suggest strongly that you arrange to unplug over these weekends and give them to yourself as a gift… spend as much time in the immersion of your studies and embodiment of the teachings as possible… Once accepted into the program, a book list is extended. We encourage you to get reading and working on the executive summaries of the texts prior to the training! Engage the practice of teaching an alignment based vinyasa yoga, om flow.

This program leverages the The Roots of Teaching Yoga, an inspirational, foundational teacher training program to inspire yourself into the forest of learning that is a lifetime of yoga. What is the Tillai? The Tillai Tree Forest stands as a reminder of this great myth of consciousness, humanity and the beginnings, evolutions and adaptations of the great teachings of yoga.

INCLUDED in the cost of registration is a ten class card to om time to be used DURING course of the training, augmenting personal practice and embodiment of the teachings.

Leveraging the education provided by our nationally regarded and well-respected faculty, you will be able to inspire yourself and others on a path of wellness, sustainability and radical self-empowerment.


We believe that the path of teaching yoga falls at the dancing midline between science and art.  Therefore, the practice and the offerings of yoga are constantly evolving and one’s education is never complete, but is instead invited into ever deepening layers and levels of study and communication.

Our programs offer Immersions into an embodied yogic path to advanced degrees of inspiration and attention.

Root… 200 Hour, Tillai, A Root into the Basic Elements of Teaching Progressive and Integrative Vinyasa Yoga.

Rise… 300 Hour, Growth into Diversity and Differentiation, Continuing Education

Reach… 500 Hour, Expansion, Connection, and Communication, A full program from solid roots to expressive reach.

Ommersion – a 100 hour explor-atorium covering the basics of immersing oneself in a practice of yoga.  This program explores the following:  the basics of a personal yoga practice; selection of a yoga teacher, style and path of study; historical and philosophy overview; wholeness and wellness through nutrition and self-care; discussion of the basic families of yoga asana, their general alignment and purpose.

Root…  200 Hour, Tillai, A Forest of Invitation. This core program allows those who are initiating a deeper yoga education to emerge from a training premiere base knowledge of alignment, sequencing, teaching methodology, public speaking, anatomy, Sanskrit, teaching to special populations, the business of yoga, yoga history, philosophy and personal development.

Rise… 300 Hour.  Our 300 hour continuing education program offers a deepened exploration into yoga teaching methodology, sequencing, history philosophy, and public speaking as well as electives into directions of personal differentiation into the areas of your interests, gifts, and hearts desires.  This program is open to those who have completed our 200 Hour Tillai program or another qualifying 200 program.  The 300 hour program allows one to attain a 500 hour level of educational experience.

Reach… 500 Hour. Our comprehensive 500 hour program is a combination of our Tillai program and our Rising 300 hour program to inspire a student into a full conversation with personal gifts and talents in the vast world of yoga and yoga teaching.

True sustainability of heart, mind, body, and inspiration on a yoga practicing and yoga teaching path comes from artful self-reflection, full participation, and an education that allows one’s niche to emerge.  Making one an expert in one’s branch of:  yoga, yoga lifestyle coaching, yoga therapy, teaching to special populations, and yoga teacher development; allows one to develop a true relationship to one’s career and placement in a vastly expanding yoga universe.  The right tools, the right reflections, the right training encourages one to carve authentic experience from which one can authentically shine forward with absolute confidence and integrity.

Our electives drive and differentiate our 300 and 500 hour programs and our graduates.  We are stepping beyond educating sound yoga teaching skills and instead find our passion in anchoring the yoga leaders of tomorrow in real time, evolutionary skills, today!

Electives, Specialties, Continuing Education Opportunities, and Tracks of Studies:

Anjali Restorative Yoga

Anusara Yoga; Immersions, Teacher Trainings, and Therapeutics

Bhava Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Flow Yoga, Immersions and Modules

Off the Mat and Into the World Leadership Trainings

Para Yoga

Motivational Speaking

Yoga Lifestyle Coaching

Yoga Therapy

Nutrition and Wholeness

Yoga And Business

Yoga and Writing

Prenatal, Postnatal, and Fertility Yoga

Children’s Yoga

Thai Yoga Massage

Yoga Writing and Poetics

Also Available within our Community to your Evolutionary Skills:

Skill in Action, our Evolutionary, On-going, Teacher’s Study Community

Teaching Practicum Community Classes, Developmental space to practice teach!

Once you decide on a program and register with us, take our personality profile and meet with one of our mentors to develop and fine-tune your track of study suited to your current interests and emerging talents.  Enjoy the strength and support of community as the collective lifts you into a future you most desire to share.

Lead Faculty:

Shannon Paige, Director, ERYT 500
Nancy Kate Williams, ERYT 500
Gina Caputo, ERYT 500
Nichole Golden, RYT 500
Wendy Black Stern, RYT 500
Ann Bortz, PysD. ERYT 200
Tali Koziol, RYT
Cori Fratelli, ERYT 200


Visiting Faculty:

Shiva Rea

Rod Stryker

Seane Corn

Michael Stone


Details, Module Dates, and Registration Information, COMING SOON!