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om time is delighted to host local, regional, and national teachers, speakers, workshops, special events and kirtans!

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om time strives to serve the community by offering programs that peak your interest, support you in expanding your practice both on and off the mat and challenging you to be more fully yourself!

We focus our programming on the full spectrum of yoga practice from beginners series to teach and offer the basics of yoga 101, focused sessions to hone basic and intermediate skills, partner yoga series and sessions, several directed programs to help up level an intermediate to an advancing practice and support continuing education of teachers and committed practitioners.

Join us for local, regional, and national teachers classes to inspire, engage, and deepen your yoga practice. Our programming includes Master and Mastery classes to tune skill sets and introduce new teachers, as well as weekend intensives, trainings, and teacher study communities.

Several of our local instructors tour, inspire and teach at a national / international level and have been featured in many of the industry’s leading magazines, instructional venues, and conferences. These teachers, though all unique and special share the same radiant quality of supporting the teacher’s study community and continuing education for teachers on every level. Take advantage of workshops, intensives, and advanced teacher’s training programs offered by our senior staff.

Registration may be limited so register for these special engagements early!

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om time boasts one of the most popular and revered teacher trainings in the country.   Our training is cutting edge, offers the highest level of instruction in the basic principles and skills to begin teaching a strongly aligned vinyasa yoga, as well as determining and supporting niche development, and committed mentorship truly set us apart.

The Tillai University, 200 hour Teacher Training Program leverages the deeply respected and utilized nationally, on line teacher’s study manual, Embody the Path.

Graduates of our program have a 90% placement rate in area, national, and international studios and are respected for their level of professionalism, ability to sequence in a mindful progression towards an appropriate level of peak asana as well as modify sequences on the fly depending on the students who show up to attend a class.

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We look forward to having you NOT only on the mat, but also in one of these specialty sessions!  Be sure to double check your schedule, make space, and organize your life to provide space, time, and support for your continuing yoga studies!

Interested in Presenting a Workshop or Event for om time?

Om Time Offers a Full Calendar of Events, Workshops, Kirtans, Intensives and Trainings.  As such our calendar is kept as organized as possible, which requires lots of pre-planning.  If you would like to present a workshop or event at om time, please submit a proposal including:

  • Event Title,
  • Focused 50 Word Event Description,
  • Your Resume,
  • A Brief Discussion, Description as to How You Feel this Event will Support Om Time Community and the Spirit of Learning and Exploring!

Please, submit electronically.  Workshops are scheduled in accordance to the best fit for our community and the greater Rocky Mountain Front Range Yoga and Wellness Community so give yourself some time to muse, consider, fine tune and then submit electronically to

SEE you on the MAT! Ommmmmmmmm!~