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om time center for yoga practice, training, community, and inspiration was founded on the east end of Pearl Street in the “litte yellow house with ribbons.” Born out of a love for deep transformation, we strive to meet students where they ARE and carry them forward into where and WHO they want to be. om time is a place to begin or expand one’s study of yoga asana and philosophy, shop for a gift, or visit with a friend. These walls are home to some of Colorado’s most beloved teachers and an incredible yoga community of soulful and joyful yoga practitioners.

The first om time boutique and studio in Boulder opened in 2003… on a mere wing and a prayer… but then again… is not that how most dreams begin?

om time‘s yoga studios feature an attentive atmosphere. The student’s connection with his or her own intention on and off the mat is supported and encouraged by the sheer level and love of our instructors and their dedication to their science and art of yoga. om time offers an eclectic blend of many style of yoga including Conscious Flow, Anjali Restorative Yoga, Prana Flow Vinyasa, Kripalu, Iyengar, Jivamukti, and our deeply beloved and energetically aligned om flow vinyasa flow yoga.

In each of the yoga styles, the student experiences a full spectrum class with fine-tuned verbal instructions, knowledgeable and therapeutic adjustments, as well as poetic insight into the yogic tradition and yoga in the day to day. The studio caters to all levels of practitioners, from those just beginning to those deepening an advanced practice.

om time credits the creation and continuation of these deeply serving enterprise to the many inspir-ators, partners, and contributors to its history and evolution. The main partners of om time are Jenifer Hadraba, Diane Washburn, and Shannon Paige, our founder. The many who are credited with its national reputation for cutting edge teaching and the highest quality instruction are: Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate Williams, Jeanie Manchester, Alison Litchfield, and Cindy Lusk.

In loving memory, om time is dedicated to one of our earliest partners Deb Lavender and to the legacy of Joshua Hadraba and the Joshua Tree Foundation. We honor our past… with great love… for it is your inspiration that gives us our future.

We are thrilled to support the OMazing endeavors of our creative investors and partners and we congratulate Jeanie Manchester on her new studio, Anjaneya Yoga Shala!


Stay tuned for an evolving page with partner and lead teacher bios! coming soon…

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